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Celebrate life's moments with Kera™ beads. Choose from hundreds of bead styles and create your own Kera bracelet or necklace. Kera beads are made of sterling silver. With bracelets and necklaces that double as a safe haven for your most cherised moments, just a quick glance will uplift your spirit. 

Remember the time your daughter brought you a living present? Now you can relive the experience every time you look at the little turtle on your Kera bracelet.

Whatever your treasured moments may be, they'll look beautiful in Kera™ beads.

Kera™ Beads Care & Cleaning
Your sterling silver Kera™ bead products are specially treated to give them a unique finish. Over time, they will tarnish, as sterling silver does. For cleaning, we recommend that you use a polishing cloth or a combination of water, mild dish detergent and a soft toothbrush. Glass beads may be wiped with a gentle cloth, dampened with water. For a more extensive cleaning, contact your professional jeweler.

Avoid exposing your Kera™ jewelry to harsh chemicals and minerals, which can be found in things like hot tubs, swimming pools, body lotions, perfumes, hair products, makeup, and household cleaning products. These may alter the appearance of the jewelry.

Kera beads do fit all major bead brands like Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Brighten, Persona etc etc.  

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