How To Clean Your Moissanite & Jewelry At Home!

How To Clean Your Moissanite & Jewelry At Home!

Posted by Ivey Riggs on Nov 27th 2018

So you recently purchased one of our Eternal Moissanite beauties or another brand of Moissanite on our site and your wondering how to clean it right?  Well do not worry, because I have the best inexpensive cleaning method out there!  

Not to long ago in the distant past I worked in the corporate jewelry retail world!  Yep I worked for the big box stores like Zale's & Reeds jewelers for example!  Every jewelry store I have ever worked in one thing has always remained consistent!  We always kept the store clean.  The showcase glass was cleaned all day long, shelves were dusted, stations were organized and tools were put in their place.  One thing that was always cleaned out daily (sometimes twice a day) was out ultrasonic machine!  But we didn't use store bought jewelry cleaner and we did not order jewelry cleaner in bulk from our suppliers.  No we used.....are you ready......Mr. Clean!  Yes that is correct!  All purpose Mr. Clean (the green bottle because it smells better IMO)!  Its perfect for your Moissanite gems!  We use it in our shop to clean your new beauties before they head off to you in the mail!  Heres the how to below.

How to Clean At Home:

1).  What you need to do is grab 2 small bowls or plastic Tupperware containers.  Mix in 1/4 part Mr. Clean & 3/4 Parts Water.  Fill a separate bowl with water for rinsing later.

2).  Grab an old toothbrush (soft bristles) 

3).  Let your jewelry soak for a few minutes in the solution.  Then take one out at a time and GENTLY brush around the stones and gems removing the oils & dirt.  

4).  After cleaning rinse your jewelry in the separate bowl of water.  Then pat dry with a paper towel.  

And thats it.  Your jewelry will look amazing I promise!  Never again buy the small 5 oz jewelry cleaners from Walmart or Amazon for $5.00.  Its really a waste of money!

A few Disclaimers:

1).  Never use this solution for semi precious stones like opals, pearls, emeralds, or any coated gems like mystic topaz!  This will damage your gemstone.  Just remember RED, WHITE & BLUE!  Diamonds or Moissanite, Sapphires & Rubies.  

2).  All gold & Platinum metal is also ok with this solution. 

3).  As a precaution you should always check the stones to make sure they are not loose before you clean your jewelry.  Stones can fall out if they are loose while cleaning your jewelry.  If in doubt please consult your local jeweler.  They are always happy to help.  This is always a free service in just about any jewelry store to inspect and clean your jewelry.  

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