How to hack your engagement ring & get the best price with Moissanite!

How to hack your engagement ring & get the best price with Moissanite!

Posted by Port City Jewelers on Mar 21st 2018

Do you need to spend thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring?  Can you afford to spend $10,000 and up on a diamond ring?  Is there another way to get "that look" or even your "DREAM RING" without spending thousands of dollars?  Well fortunately you landed at Port City Jewelers.  We specialize in diamond alternatives like Moissanite, eco friendly gems, and getting you into your dream ring without breaking the bank! 

I have been in this business for 15+ years and one of the most common questions we get asked, is "how much should I spend on my engagement ring?"  Well if you ever went into lets say a mall jeweler, they will more than likely tell you 3 months salary.  Blah Blah Blah...  This however is not a true statement.  I mean why would you want to spend 3 months salary on a ring right?  With the day and age of the internet you can now shop comfortably in your own home and get better pricing than the bog box stores out there still in Mall's and the new trend these days, lifestyle centers!  Most times college graduates coming out of school are loaded with student debt, car payments etc etc!  I used to see it all the time where these young adults would stop in the store and rack up a credit card or even the stores own credit card and go in debt once again for another $5-10 Thousand just for a run of the mill engagement ring!  Being from the corporate world, I was not able to offer my customers Moissanite (a more affordable alternative to diamonds).  That was just the companies policy; not to offer Moissanite!  I mean these stores out there invested heavily in their diamond merchandise!  One store I worked at for about 8 years had a $2.5 million dollar investment at their cost!  Why would they want to offer Moissanite a better alternative when they invested in diamonds already!  "Sell what you have on hand" & "ABC, Always Be Closing," is what I always trained my employees on!    

Here at Port City Jewelers we believe you should spend what you comfortably can afford.  Port City Jewelers offers so many unique styles and plenty of diamond alternatives like Moissanite by Charles & Colvard, NEO Moissanite from our friend Mr. Guy Stimpson from Wholesale Moissanite and our exclusive brand Eternal Moissanite which is the most diamond like Moissanite on the market and has the best pricing PERIOD!  Heres a few examples of Moissanite in the different brands.

Eternal Moissanite Round Brilliant Cut -- EF Color from Port City Jewelers on Vimeo.


The Luna Ring 8CT Eternal Moissanite Round with Baguette Sides in 14K white gold from Port City Jewelers on Vimeo.

NEO Moissanite Round Brilliant Loose Stone from Port City Jewelers on Vimeo.

Port City Jewelers offers NEO Moissanite engagement rings starting at $595.00 in our 6 Prong Solitaire!  Even at this price point these rings will look just like you spent $10,000+ on her ring!  Moissanite is awesome like that!  We also offer NEO Moissanite loose with the BEST PRICING GUARANTEE!  If you find it online less expensive than ours you better contact us because we will beat their pricing hands down!  We also have our own brand of Moissanite called Eternal Moissanite!  Our Eternal Moissanite is all VVS1 clarity and either EF Color (Colorless) or GH Color (Near Colorless)!  Our Eternal Moissanite is also priced better than any other brand out their on the NET!

Custom Design:


Port City Jewelers also offers full custom design.  Our master craftsman has over 30+ years of jewelry design coupled with state of the art computer CAD design, 3D Printing and casting equipment! This allows Port City Jewelers to build your DREAM RING at super affordable prices!  Most people hear, "custom design" and try to steer clear of it because it sounds expensive.  But not with us its not.  The difference with us is we LOVE what we do and we do not believe that you should have to pay more just because its a custom piece.  Get in touch with us today so we can help you design your dream ring.  See our Custom Design Section or Email us!


What is SEMI CUSTOM?  Well most all jewelers out there in the market to day will have access to numerous vendors/suppliers.  One of the most well respected suppliers in the market today is Stuller.  If you are in the jewelry business then you know about Stuller.  There are many different ways that companies use Stuller.  Most companies mainly use them to order gold casting grain to cast jewelry with or use them to order shanks and heads to make jewelry items with like solitaires or earrings.  Some companies use Stuller to order "findings" (clasps, heads, prongs, chain, ring shanks, etc).  I have used Stuller my entire 15 year jewelry career.  Every repair jeweler out there has an account with Stuller!  Stuller also offers finished jewelry and loose stones as well.  Stuller also has a LARGE selection of engagement semi mounts that they cast and set to order.  For example Port City Jewelers offers a wide range of their mountings on our site.  We mainly use these styles because of their popularity and the affordability aspect.  A lot of other jewelers do the exact same thing in their online stores and even brick and mortar stores but just do not disclose that info.  There are 1000's of Etsy sellers as well that claim to be "handmade" items but they to are using Stuller as a source to have their pieces made for them.  There are even some eBay & Amazon sellers out there ding the exact same.  Most all retailers are having Stuller set the accents stones on the mountings.  Once this is done then they will either set the center stone or have their jeweler set it for them or even stuller.  Port City Jewelers also offers this service like other jewelers, but we choose to set all the stones in their mountings ourselves!  This insures our quality control and our standards!

Once again we offer our selections at the very best pricing.  If you find the same ring somewhere else you better let us know because we will beat it hands down every time!  

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